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Our main focus is to assist small business owners in driving more traffic to their enterprise through the internet. Most business owners don’t realize the importance of creating and then ranking their business website at the top of the search results. As the world becomes more advanced, people turn to their smart phones and the internet to search for a local business or product.

The Yellow Pages are Less Effective

Unless your business exists in an extremely rural area, the yellow pages are becoming less and less effective. First off, they charge way to much for their ads without a worth while return in exposure. Second, in any major city, competition is pretty stiff. And with that many people, you’d better believe that the yellow pages is going to be stuffed full of ads within your same business niche. Sure, you can pay for a full page ad, at a significant price tag, to get more exposure. But so can everyone else. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be the first one they look at. And we all know, when it comes to bringing in new customers, that’s where it’s at. Location, location, location applies to advertising as well as your building. You want to be the first one they see. And with the yellow pages, there’s no way to arrange that. It’s pretty much hit or miss.

Local Promotion Is and Will Always Be Effective

When I speak of local promotion, I mean sponsorships, local business flyers, business cards, billboards, signs, wrapped cars, vinyl lettering for your car and so forth. That will always work because you are getting your ads in front of eyeballs. People will see them.

Internet Traffic is the Present and the Future

Your customers are turning to the internet to find the product or service they need before going anywhere else. The number one spot in the search results receives nearly 80% of the traffic. The top three spots in the search results receive more traffic than all other search listings combined! With a simple website and the number one spot, a small business can significantly increase it’s customer base.

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