Meet the Founder of Xpose


David AllredDavid Allred currently resides in Arizona, is a full time father of three beautiful little girls and happily married to Amy Allred, the mastermind behind Good Ideas and Tips. Dave has served in Aviation for the Arizona Army National guard and spent most of his time in the service in active duty training. He ended his military career as a Warrant Officer. Putting his family first, he decided the military wasn’t the best option for them and decided to plunge into the world of Entrepreneurship. He started out with a small glass company in Northern Arizona but seeing the potential of the internet, he joined a network marketing company. During his time in that company, he educated himself in the ways of internet marketing and become an expert in PPC, Website Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Classified Advertising, Blogging, Web Design, Article Marketing, Reputation Management and so forth.

Seeing the need to help small businesses gain an online presence, he started The Online Presence Company, Xpose. He now assists home based business and traditional small business owners in marketing and creating success online. David’s passion is helping businesses grow and succeed. Xpose was created for that exact reason.