Integrate a Blog into your Existing Website

Only around thirty percent of business owners actually have a website. So if you are part of that minority, congratulations! However, if your website doesn’t include a blog, your business is missing out on some of the most targeted traffic on the web. There is nothing better than your blog post, found through the natural search results, sitting in front of your most recent visitor with a call to action right next to Wordpress Blog Integrationit.

When someone first told me about the powerful effect blog integration would have on my website traffic and my business, I thought it was ludicrous. A blog to me was something my wife had put our family pictures on, not something that would be related to generating revenue.

Integrating a blog into your website serves many purposes. It would:

Put your words in front of thousands of readers. A product or service with personality behind it is the glue for returning visitors.

Gain favor with all the major search engines. Think about it. Which site would you give favor to…..the one that never changes or the one that is actively updated with fresh, new content.

Build a subscriber list that you can continually market to, or share your services with for as long as they stay a subscriber. It’s a waste of marketing dollars to have a site designed to have someone visit your site just once and never again. A blog will keep them coming back.

Integrating a blog into your website is a simple process and doesn’t take long at all. WordPress is the number one blogging software in the world with a very simple, easy to use interface. It’s as easy as composing an email, but with upgrades. Once the integration is complete, it would look as if it was always part of your website.

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