Reputation Management

Reputation ManagementSuccess, you’ve finally taken that number one spot in the search listings and the amount of traffic your website is receiving reflects that victory. Although, for some reason, your website isn’t converting very well. You’ve consulted with design professional after design professional on improving the conversion rate of your website, yet it doesn’t seem to help.

You then notice, just below you in the search results at the number two spot, a website that contains a negative comment about you or your business. It’s impossible to make every single customer 100% satisfied, and this one in particular decided to publish a negative comment on the web. That one negative customer is costing you…..BIG TIME!

It’s a sad, pathetic fact…..but, people will believe a random comment found in an online forum over anything. It only takes one exposure to negativity on the internet to deter a potential buyer…no matter how many positives there are.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you require online reputation management. It’s a simple concept of drowning out the negative with the positive. In addition to landing the top spot in the search results, we dominate the first page rankings with accurate, positive information about all you have to offer. We simply rank you for the entire first page of search results, pushing all the negativity to the second page. Although your website sits at the number one spot, your Facebook account, twitter account, LinkedIn account or alternate websites can claim spots two, three, four and so on.

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