Facebook Social MarketingI’m sure you’ve heard of Facebook and Twitter, right? How about LinkedIn, Bebo, and MySpace? Or Youtube, Digg and Technorati? It’s easy to look at social sites as a waste of time, because people are always on them. Social sites such as these get addicting for people. They check their Facebook twenty times a day, install apps on their mobile phones and tweet all day long, while at work and at home. There is a world of people out there and a good portion of them are ALWAYS plugged into their favorite social network, checking status updates, posting new discoveries and at the same time, staying in touch with those they are closest to. That social connection alone, keeps them coming back…..and if they keep coming back, why would an entrepreneur not want to put their product or service right smack in the middle of that? They would have to be crazy not to.

In my experience as a marketer, social marketing, when focused on and done right, can nearly double your websites traffic. Now this traffic is not just random passers by…this is targeted traffic. And even if the person doesn’t click through to your website the first time, they will see your updates over and over again, and will eventually come to your website.

Twitter Social MarketingSocial Marketing is a huge part of generating traffic to your website. Along with Search Engine Optimization and blogging, social marketing completes the circle.

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